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Who we are - Why we do what we do

WELCOME:   To The  ARK  Compressor Parts Group International Inc. Official Web-Site.  

ARK provides a wide variety of compressors, dryers, select equipment, and services. Of course see our parts, and replacement parts and kits.  Select then choose your preferences, and/or, get assistance.

We are not just a parts, replacement parts supplier but are a distributor of select equipment, installations, and more hence the word GROUP in our name.  OEM original or AFTERMARKET repair parts, maintenance and overhaul kits. Select equipment with services, or both.  Please Integrate these option potentials. Obtain either individual items or packages to suit because:  

"It's The Way To Do Things Today".

Products and services are vital today within the rapid and constant changing industry environment economically, and globally. Due to this, today money values time and time values money more than ever regardless to, and in spite of, given complexities in any particular scenario. It is important conduct to react by means of  'how', we interact within these parameters today in order to achieve the optimum required results successfully.  We wish to decrease the gap of 'how'

To maintain these now standards we must apply to and then receive all the available provisions accommodating such requirements be it the beginning of a new endeavor, or a replacement for the continuing one. Resolution to today's business parameters is here and in the way that you need them most.  

Yes we too recognize these current parameters and thus amalgamated these now dynamics into feasible and workable solutions that are available via our company and now furthered by this web-site.  We invite and encourage you to view, join us and join in.  Gather and provide information, inquiries and ideas. Request a quote, or a purchase. You have choices here.

 (Some restrictions may or not be applicable, and/or may be governed accordingly by certain rules and regulations dependant upon location)

Our Mission

Providing futuristic innovations today... Come and see what's inside the ARK  

Company Profile

A 2008 established Canadian company, distribute/supply for compressor parts, OEM/aftermarket parts, replacements parts, kits, installations and services.  Distribute and supply select equipment.  Complete air system coverage from the start and continuing; for industries and for communities. Provisions for sales and for servicing for customer simplification, and satisfaction. To inform and unite all-in-one company and web-site.

We are across Canada but based in Guelph Ontario, and provide a region in the west; Camrose, Alberta.  Composed with these qualified trained personnel, associates, affiliates and businesses coming on-board, across-the-board and, around the globe, are dedicated to bring forth up to and over 20 years of high-tech skills and experience within their disciplines.  Mutually working, integrating, and networking together.  With these bright and vibrant groups, we are able to liaison and provide for you their compliant featured products, skills, and services right here within the ARK.  We are economically and globally designed for today, tomorrow, for the generations to come. 

As a Canadian business it is our obligation to do the Canadian thing:  Engage with, and on behalf of; for you, for business - like nobody's business.   

Eastern Region (Head office):  Guelph, Ontario

Western Region:  Camrose, Alberta

Contact Information

519-827-1589 / 800-310-3271
Postal Address:
P.O. BOX 31083 Guelph ON N1H 8K1
Electronic mail:
General Information:


When you enter our web site, you automatically understand and agree to abide by the codes of proper conduct policy.  If you do not wish to comply please exit this site at this point.

*Taxes and freight extra where applicable.  Prices subject to change without notice. All sales and services are subject to our terms and conditions.

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Last modified: August 24, 2012 

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